China is the world’s leading investor in infrastructure, with spending of over US$500 billion (by 2010 constant $ value). China is the most prolific infrastructure investor in Africa and has committed to spend US$1 trillion on project in the next 12 years.  

China presently has investments in  power (50,894); rail (43,196), ports (16,301), roads & bridges (6,220), water (4,908), pipelines (3,726) and airports (1,321). China’s investments are driven by their State owned companies (SOEs) and follows a bilateral government to government investment process.

Technical documentation that is the basis of our feasibility studies are part of the requirements for project finance in later stages. SAMI LP and GP partners will normally purchase the fund’s equity position in a project at later stages when feasibility studies are nearing completion and are expected to participate in further project development work or project finance once the fund exits.

SAMI gives first preference on project finance or other participation to our Limited Partners. Outside parties who are not partners in our fund are then invited to participate during later stages