Africa is well behind BRIC countries in all aspects of infrastructure developments including power by 2.4X; road density by 4.9X; rail density by 2.3X.


SAMIs investment committee includes professionals who screen, manage, and prepare feasibility studies as part of our regular workflow. Every project presented to us is initially filtered through our IC and given an internal first stage preview. This process helps us identify a very basic checklist of items that form our Fatal Flaws Analysis, feasibility study preparation, and project plan.

Projects that meet our initial standards are selected for more thorough screening where our fund will then pay costs for a full project feasibility review before making a decision to fund a full feasibility study.

Projects are either qualified, or disqualified for our SAFE Fund plan at this stage. 

The US spends less on infrastructure US$374 billion (by 2010 constant $ value) than any other industrialised nation, and far less than Japan, The Middle East, Europe, The EU.