Africa is well behind BRIC countries in all aspects of infrastructure developments including power by 2.4X; road density by 4.9X; rail density by 2.3X. 


China presently has investments in power (50,894); rail (43,196), ports (16,301), roads & bridges (6,220), water (4,908), pipelines (3,726) and airports (1,321). China’s investments are driven by their State owned companies (SOEs) and follows a bilateral government to government investment process. 

Projects that have been selected by our IC qualify for feasibility funding. At this point SAMI will negotiate an equity position in the project in return for SAFE funding the entire feasibility process until a “Feasibility Report becomes available. The actual feasibility document varies according to project type, funding needs, and timelines; therefore completion of feasibility requirements is normally determined during the planning stages.

Feasibility study completion includes SAMI providing any technical, financial, and management support required to prepare a project for development and project finance.

SAMIs investment partners have regular access to non-proprietary project information at all stages of the feasibility process and are expected to have detailed knowledge of each project we support in anticipation of their preferred method of participation in project development at later stages.